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                                                            4G Fixed Wireless

4g fixed wireless quotes and availability are commonly based on distance to the nearest cell tower, line of site, and whether or not the tower is yet equipped to provide 4g service.  

4g fixed wireless is the new state-of-the-art technology that is beginning to replace 3g fixed wireless. 3g is currently the dominant standard for fixed wireless. 4g is short for 4th generation; 3g stands for 3rd generation, which replaced 2g. The first generation was 1g. 1g was analog wireless, and originated in about 1980.  

4g and 3g fixed wireless are extremely important today because 3g can reach about 98% of the homes and businesses in the United States. 4g will eventually replace 3g with even more reach and much higher bandwidth than 3g. DSL and Cable bandwidth are only available to about 60% of the homes and businesses in the US. 3g and 4g fixed wireless provide excellent alternatives to homes and small businesses which need reliable bandwidth but are beyond the reach of DSL and Cable bandwidth service. Fixed wireless also serves as an excellent alternative for small businesses that do not have the budget for T1 bandwidth.  

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